Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's all coming along rather nicely

So, it's Christmas. We missed the summer for the new office, storeroom, shop and Potting Shed so we aimed for Bonfire night, big party... show off the lovely terracotta pumkins from Jeremy at PotTsar, but we missed that date too. Now it's Christmas.
We have made some progress, David the Joiner is re-fitting all of the doors as I write, no stairs yet though. We do have a floor, some electrics, some plumbing, and some painting done so it is getting there. The storeroom and Potting Shed (now referred to as the Ark so much wood has gone into it - FSC of course) is coming along well. We couldn't lay the rubber roof because of the frosts so it's just 'draped', but that does mean we can start moving in.
But what about the kitchen garden? Until we clear all of the bricks and pavers taken out of the old stables we can't really start. We're looking for a local man and digger to come and do the honours and help level the area, dig a hole for the water reservoir and soak away for the composting loo and then we're off.
I've already allocated 2 (of the 22)beds. One will be made acidic for bluberries and cranberries. It will be a good looking bed, so that will be one that we can see from the house. A long narrow one will be for asparagus. It's been interesting watching how the sun plays over the plot. Having moved from a completely south facing plot, it'll be good to have a bit of shade to slow down the salads.

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